Periodicity of Elements-Objectives Question (JAMB Utme)


Periodicity of Elements-Objectives Question (JAMB Utme)

1. The arrangement of the elements in the periodic table is in the order of their

A. atomic weights

C. molecular weights

B. isotopic weights

D. atomic numbers.

2. An element with atomic number 12 is likely to have the same chemical properties as those elements in:

A. Group IA

B. Group IIA

C. Group IIIA

D. Group IVA

3. The valence electrons of Ca are contained in

A. 4s orbital

B. 3s orbital

C. 2s crbital

D. 3p orbital

4. X is an element with atomic number 10. To which group in the periodic table does X belong?

A. O

B. 2

C. 4

D. 6

5. An element that has atomic number 38 belongs to period

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

6. To which block in the periodic table does 2Cu belong?

A. s-block

B. p-block

C. d-block

D. f-block

7. Below is a section of the periodic table:

Which of the elements belong to the s-block?

A. I, J and K

B. L, Mand N

C. O, P and Q

D. Pand Qonly. Schools News & Updates Website

Below is a section of the periodic table needed for answering questions 8 and 9.

Which of the letters indicate an alkaline earth metal and a noble gas respectively ?

8. Which of the letters indicate an alkaline earth metal and a noble gas respectively?

A. Cand F

B. H and G

C. I and G

D. I and E

9. Which letter represents a non-metal having an allotrope that conducts an electric current?

A. F

B. J

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C. D

D. G

10. The atomic radius of Be, Mg and Ca are 1.13°A, 1.60°A and 1.97°A respectively. This gradation in atomic radius is due to the fact that

A. electronegativity decreases from Be to Mg to Ca.

B. metallicity decreases from Be to Mg to Ca.

C. the elements are all in the same period.

D. the number of electronic shells increases from Be to Mg to Ca.

11. Elements in the same period of the periodic table show

A. similarities in chemical properties

B. progressive increase in atomic number

C. progressive decrease in electronegativity

D. similarities in electronic structures

12. The halogens belong to group

1. 0




13. Which of the following physical properties decrease from left to right of the periodic table?

(II) Ionization energy

(1) Atomic radius

(IV) Electronegativity

(III) Electropositivity

A. I and II  B. I, Il and IV  C. Ill and IV  D. I and III

14. Sodium atom undergoes ionization by

B. losing one electron

A. sharing one electron

D. gaining one electron

C. gaining one proton

15. Electron affinity is

A. the energy that accompanies the addition of an electron to a gaseous atom

B. the ease of removing the most loosely bound electron from an atom

C. the ability of an atom to gain an electron

D. the ability to readily lose electrons

16. The energy required to remove one electron from a 4s. orbital of gaseous potassium atom is referred to as

B. atomization energy

A. kinetic energy

C. ionization energy

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D. activation energy

17. The energy change accompanying the addition of an extra electron to a gaseous atom is

A. ionization energy

B. electron affinity

C. electron energy

D. electronegativity

18. A(g) —> A(g)

The above transformation requires

A. lattice energy

B. ionization energy

C. electron affinity

D. sublimation energy

19. The increasing order of atomic radius of four atoms is E < F < G < H. If each atom has one valence electron, which of the atom will lose its electron most reluctantly?

A. E

B. F

C. G

D. H

20. The following is an arrangement of elements in order of decreasing number of valence electrons: Boron, Fluorine, Carbon, Magnesium Which element is wrongly placed?

A. Carbon

B. Fluorine

C. Boron

D. Magnesium

Solutions to the Questions Above

Comment your Answers in the comments sections, Best of Luck

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