(I) WRONG ANSWERS: Majority of the candidates failed not because they are stupid but because of the copying of wrong answers during the exams. Some of our Teachers are not good in answering wassce Questions rather, they solve it wrongly with worry and at the end of the day, your teacher or helper act as a catalyst to speed up the rate of your failure .

(ii) HANDWRITING: Candidates handwriting also contribute to their failure. Remember all examiners have so many papers to mark and the more papers they marked the more money they received so if your handwriting is not good, the examiner will not have time to read poor handwriting even when you write the correct thing.

(iii) MISS MATCH OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS : Some Candidates will place his or her answer on the wrong Question number and in this case, no mark will be awarded to you especially the subjects that has their Questions and provide space for their answers below.

(iv) IGNORANCE OF SOME CANDIDATES : Some Candidates don’t even know what they are writing, all they know is to copy. This always occur when a particular subject is falsely leak at night. Some will not confirmed, all they care, is to copy what they have

There are Many more Reasons Why students Fails WAEC Examination, but the one you just red is the major Reasons why most students Fails WAEC and Other Examination

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