WAEC Air Conditioning(Ac)/Rerigeration May/June 2017 Questions and Answers

WAEC Air Conditioning(Ac)/Rerigeration May/June 2017 Questions and Answers

Question 1

The question required students to demonstrate their knowledge of safety. Majority of the candidates were able to do so for a score of 15/15. i.e.:

State three safety requirements for storage of refrigerant.


The expected answer is:
Refrigerants should be supplied in large pressure vessels; it must be stored in cold and well ventilated space; it should be stored far away from boiler rooms; brazing torches or welding sets must not be rolled on its sides cause valves can be damaged; refrigerant cylinder must be tagged for easy identification.

Question 2

This questions was centered on trouble shooting used in airconditioning and refrigeration. The students were able to give correct answers to them. i.e.:

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State four causes of compressor motor burn-out.


The expectant answer is:

High voltage; air and moisture in the system; faulty wiring; extremely low voltage; compressor over heating; wrong wiring.

Question 3

This question tested the candidates on knowledge of workshop tools and practice, the students were able to answer the questions correctly. i.e.:

List five basic tools in refrigeration and air-conditioning.


The expected answer is:
Hacksaw, coil spring benders, reamers, tube cutters, pliers, wrenches, rachet, mallet, set of screw drivers, flaring tools, allen key, chisel, scriber, steel rule

Question 4

Question four dwelt on installation, ducting and trunking this was more of practical knowledge of the subject. The students were able to answer the questions correctly. i.e.:

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List four types of ducting materials.


The expected answer is:
Galvanized iron; aluminium sheet metal; black steel; copper.

Question 5

Question five was on entrepreneurship, only few of the candidates attempted this question with highest score 12/15 and lowest score 08/15. i.e.:

State three factors necessary for the location of air-conditioning and refrigeration industry in an area.


The expected answer is:

Availability of raw materials; nearness to market; presence of adequate infrastructural facilities; availability of labour.


General Comments

The performance of the candidates was adjudged to be above average. The highest score for Paper 2 was 53/60 which is above that of the previous year. The lowest score was 23/60 which is also higher than that of the previous year.

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There is therefore an indication of improvement in the standard of the paper and performance of candidates, as candidates were able to answer the questions correctly.

Weakness and Remedies

About 75% of the candidates avoided questions on calculations.


The following were the suggestion made if the weaknesses are to be remedied:

      1. teachers should intensify efforts to teach the students more calculations in the trade.
      2. students should study the calculation aspect of the trade to compliment the efforts of the teacher.

Candidates’ Strength

Candidates demonstrated good writing ability and were able to answer questions dealing with fundamental and basic principle of Airconditioning and Refrigeration correctly.


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